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Literature Review

Normin Health performs literature review to identify existing evidence to demonstrate the clinical and economic values of new drugs and medical devices. Normin Health has established a standard process to conduct literature search using machine-learning methods, which substantially improve the efficiency and quality of literature search. The literature review team at Normin Health are highly specialized in data extraction and evidence synthesis. The statistical team could apply advanced methods, including network meta-analysis, for indirect comparisons. For the literature review case study of Normin Health, please click​ here

Real-World Studies 

Normin Health is highly experienced with leveraging real-world data, including hospital data and claims data, to assess the treatment effects, treatment safety, health resources utilization, and direct medical costs through real-world studies. Normin Health also conducts cross-sectional studies to assess treatment satisfactory, quality of life, and disease severity using questionnaires. To further support data collection in real-world settings, Normin Health designs mobile phone APP tool for patient follow-up management. For a real-world case study of Normin Health, please click​ here

Health Economics Research


Normin Health has established a standard process on how to leveraging the local real-world evidence to develop disease burden model, cost-effectiveness model, and budget impact model to support local market access. Normin Health could develop a complex and comprehensive model to integrate patient characteristics, treatment pattern, treatment effects, treatment safety, disease natural history, quality of life, and costs. The developed health economic models by Normin Health have supported many reimbursement submissions and publications. For the case study of health economic model developed by Normin Health, please click​ here.  


Normin Disease Model Portal

Nomin Disease Model Portal (NDMP) is a smart mobile phone communication tool that is developed to support market access of new drugs and medical devices. By taking advantage of the cloud server technology, NDMP allows users to easily interact with the build-in health economics models and communicate the clinical and economic values of medical products. To further explore this market access tool, please click here for IOS download and click here for Android download. 

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