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Dr. Wendong Chen gave a talk on real-world studies at THETA round

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Dr. Chen shared the experiences of Normin Health in real-world evidence generation in China

China has been becoming a health technology assessment (HTA) country as it becomes the priority of Chinese government to address the medical needs of the patients who can't afford the expensive drugs for life-threatening diseases and rare diseases. To facilitate the process of reimbursement decision making and create the universal public health plan across China, the Chinese government has created the National Healthcare Security Administration (NHSA) in May 2018. Since the establishment of NHSA, a series of reimbursement policies have been made to expand the reimbursement list with new cancer drugs through price negotiation and assessments that have included cost-effectiveness analysis and budget impact analysis. Due to the heavy lack of local evidence to support the development of health economic models, the cost-effectiveness analyses have been criticized for insufficient adaptation using local evidence. Thus, real-world studies are strongly needed to support the development of localized health economic models that could help NHSA with more appropriate reimbursement decision making to address the real-world medical needs of Chinese patients. Dr. Chen's talk gave the audience a landscape of opportunities and challenges associated with current real-world data sources that could be used to conduct real-world studies in China. 

For the record of this talk, please click here.

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